Why exaggerate words when you can describe everything in single pictures. For use in presentations and demonstrations, and for documentation and control purposes


We write a script and direct the stills and video to suit your needs. We'll work on it together with you and create the next thing that will illustrate your idea


A video that can be a summary of a whole day of video filming, documentation and real-time broadcasting, designed to bring together remote activities and positions, using equipment and advanced hands from ground and air



UAVs (more familiar to us as drone) have moved photography and videography to new and fascinating heights, and today's photographers and video photographers have a huge variety of endless possibilities and endless compositions that until now were reserved for helicopters and airplanes and science fiction, which were very expensive and were reserved for a very small number of customers.

Today Photographers who are flying skilled have the opportunity to bring something new and refreshing to the media industry, In a safe manner that is much more efficient and cost effective without compromising the quality or productivity of the day of filming.


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